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    of non-standard machines and industrial equipment

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Science and Technology Center “ROCAD” Company was established as an innovative engineering enterprise dealing with non-standard tasks in August of 1998. In 2009 it obtained license for the space activity, adopted and started use effectively the system of quality management in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 standard.

The business niche is high technology development, R&D works, experimental development, as well as “know-how” development upon request.

Designed technical solutions are used in security, nuclear industry, space industry, car-building, ship-building, metallurgy and the number of other fields both in Russia and abroad.

The projects are carried out by the talented and experienced designers fond of their work. They are always informed about recent international developments in machine-building and thus try to be a step ahead in all their ideas.

STC “ROCAD” carries out R&D, experimental development, designing, design engineering, manufacturing of the designed item, engineer supervision of manufacturing.

STC "ROCAD" main services:


  • Robot Systems. Development and delivering of mobile robot systems including transport modules (wheeled, track, walking and combined items with adjustable geometry able to keep mobility in most complicated driving conditions), manipulator and energy modules for different applications.
  • Precise Electromechanics. Development and delivery of manipulators, stabilized platforms, precise systems of pointing, scanning and positioning.
  • Manufacturing Equipment. Development and delivery of non-standard manufacturing and test-bench equipment for different industries.


If you face complicated engineering tasks or have technical ideas, but do not have professional staff for their realization we will help you!