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Non-standard industrial equipment

Do you want to improve or optimize existing manufacturing facilities? Are you going to add any stage to your technological cycle? Maybe you decided to combine several operations in a single cycle?

All these tasks related to designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment. 

If you created a new device and need to fine tune, adjust, verify its parameters, which were set in the technical design specification and necessary for application of this item. All these relates to the development and creation of test-bench equipment.

Creation of such equipment is quite a challenging task. It is often necessary to design a machine that is absolutely different from those you can see in the market. This work require attention to details, responsibility and certain knowledge.

In practice designing and creation of non-standard equipment right at the place of its further exploitation is more cost effective than the order and delivery of existing analogue from abroad.

The non-standard equipment can be developed both in accordance with existing analogues and on the base of unique research and ideas.


   STC “ROCAD” has vast experience of cooperation in designing of industrial equipment for companies in Russia and abroad.