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Robot systems

Almost all fields of human activities undergo now robotization. The range of robots application is extremely vast:

  • industrial disasters and accidents;
  • intelligence;
  • counter-terrorism operation;
  • space and other planets exploration;
  • ocean research;
  • public security;
  • patrolling of territories and interruption of penetration to an object,
  • manufacturing;
  • medicine, etc.

Robots should replace people when the tasks are beyond the limits of human abilities or dangerous for the life and health of a person, as well as in case of a lack of skilled personnel for realization of   labour intensive and repetitive tasks.

STC “ROCAD” has been specialized in development of robot systems, Including space robots, for more than 15 years and successfully developed solutions for many of these tasks. The company has license for the activity in space industry.

The company has designed a number of various manipulation systems (in accordance with the set tasks for different applications) and mobile robots with wheels, tracks, walking chassis and chassis with adjustable geometry able to keep mobility under most difficult road conditions.




Machines are designed in accordance with technical design specification and meets all the requirements to them.